New Book by N J King -

The Philosopher

Released: 30/05/2019

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Book Launch

Released: 11/02/2018

The Philosopher - e-book released 13th May to celebrate mental health awareness week 2019

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Event - Check out 

Event - N J King will be joining book lovers at the first book club in Roxwell at the Chequers Inn 6th February 2018




Natasha grew up in the  Essex countryside in the early 90s.  Being your traditional bookworm, she spent her summers camping down the bottom of the garden just so she could get away with staying up to read a few more  chapters.  It didn't take long for Natasha's love of books to turn her from reader into writer  as well, writing her first book 'The Christmas Tree Kitten' aged 8.

Natasha has since volunteered with conservation organisations, both in the UK and abroad.  She has also developed a fascination with history and an interest in the different relationships between people, all of which has become an inspiration for her writing.

In her books Natasha uses this interest in the different relationships people forge with those whom they come into contact while adding a twist of history and fantasy to her stories.

N J King 



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